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Fircroft Services Limited

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Fircroft Home - Facilities


The comprehensive facilities provided at Fircroft not only aim to improve the lives of our residents but also ensure that their needs are met and to make their lives safe and fulfilled



Building and the Gardens

  1. The Home is constructed on three floors - ground, first and second floors.
  2. The first floor can be accessed by two separate staircases and a passenger lift.
  3. The Home provides 16 bedrooms, two dining areas, and a spacious and tastefully furnished lounge.
  4. The Home is equipped with an approved Fire Alarm System and complies with current fire regulations. As with all systems of this type, it is eternally checked and audited.
  5. The Home is also equipped with a modern Call Bell System.
  6. There are WCs which can be accessed by wheelchairs on both floors, accessible by passenger lift.
  7. The kitchen is located on the ground floor.
  8. Laundry: This is situated on the ground floor; all clothing requiring cleaning is collected from the client's room each day and returned to them within 48 hours - washed and ironed.
  9. The large rear garden is accessible by those living at Fircroft; a gentle ramp with handrail which was constructed to provide easy access for wheelchair users. There is a large patio area that is accessible to all.




  1. The Home has several fitted ceiling hoists, Stand-Aids & mobile hoists and other moving and handling equipment to help in the transfer of clients who have been assessed as needing this assistance. Staff are fully trained in use of these equipment and this is regularly updated and checked. All equipment is audited by an approved external body.
  2. Bedrooms may be equipped with adjustable/high/low fully profiling beds in order to assist with the individualís health and comfort.
  3. The Home has access to pressure-relieving equipment, if required. District Nurses can also provide additional equipment where necessary.





We offer a range of services at Fircroft Home that maximise the choices and preferences of those living there:

  1. A hairdresser visits the Home regularly.
  2. An aroma therapist visits the Home weekly.
  3. A chiropodist visits the Home at regular intervals. (Please note: the cost of these services is not included in our fees and would be invoiced separately)
  4. The Home has access (via the individualís General Practitioner (GP)) to the services of a Physiotherapist and an Occupational Therapist should the assessment indicate such a requirement.
  5. Other forms of alternative treatment can be accessed via their GP, e.g. Speech and Music therapies, Dietician, Physiotherapy, etc.
  6. Fircroft Home is a Residential Care Home. If, however, the individual is deemed to need temporary nursing intervention, the Home Manager will liaise with the appropriate GP and the District Nursing Team. From time-to-time District & Community Nurses visit those who have been prescribed Nursing Care by their respective GP.





Every person deserves to lead a fulfilling and active life; therefore, we offer a tailored, stimulating and interesting activities programme within the Home to complement our external activities.


All residents are encouraged to participate in the activities programme through consultation and support. Discovering the activities of interest is achieved through discussions in meetings and individually between the activity organiser and the person. The activities programme is designed to accommodate changing needs, wants and wishes. The personal interests, level of mobility and abilities of the individual are taken into account. Activities can also be co-ordinated with the recommendations of therapists and practitioners.





Each individual has the right to attend a place of worship of his or her faith. Staff at the Home will facilitate this. Public transport, relatives or volunteer assistance may be sought for this purpose. If the person is not able to attend their chosen place of worship, then representatives of the religion will be invited to hold services in the Home and all those who wish to attend made welcome.


The Home will facilitate the observance of those cultural and religious festivals that are appropriate to the faith of the people living in the Home.


The observance of cultural and religious rituals to be carried out prior and post death is assured.





'Open House' is our policy. The Home actively encourages relatives, friends and others, i.e., voluntary organisations etc., to visit the Home during the day and evening. Visitors can come along when it is convenient to them. This can provide additional stimulus for some people. Prior notice can be very helpful for staff to prepare individuals to expect their visitors (and to ensure they are in) but is not a requirement. On arrival visitors to make themselves known to the staff, sign in and to respect the rights of other residents and staff in the Care Home.


The pandemic has meant changes to visiting arrangements and we take note of the government guidance and requirements with regard to testing, etc and these must be adhered to, to protect the safety and wellbeing of those residents and staff within the home. A stand-alone safe visiting unit has been constructed to enable people to maintain social distancing and still meet with their loved ones.